1) Mr and Miss Kibera leadership contest

Mr. & Miss Kibera community leadership contest is an annual positive youth development program that enhances the capacity of the youth to take active community leadership roles in different fields. .


Number of editions of Mr and Miss Kibera leadership contest held in 5 villages of Kibera.

Young leaders trained and contested for Mr and Miss Kibera leadership contest

Community members reached directly (online and during contest)

The program work with the youth to find a meaning in life and gives them an equal opportunity by training them to become active community leaders.

Mr. and Miss Kibera focuses on developing strong leadership characters in the youth by building the participant’s confidence, helping them develop a caring attitude and positive values, offer content that increases their competencies and connections, and finally helping them believe that everyone has something that they can give or contribute to address the social and economic challenges faced by the youth in Kibera.

The program also provides a safe and interactive environment for learning and cultural exchange as the youths learn to acknowledge, appreciate, tolerate and celebrate their differences, uniqueness and diversity in culture and politics through the power of catwalk

2) Jitambue mentorship project

The Jitambue – “it’s all about me” mentorship program is a sport for development program where students are taken through life-skills education and counseling sessions by trained counselors, mentors, and life skill coaches, who empower them to embrace new positive behaviors. 

The program entails:

1 life skill and 1 social topic per week, 4 different life skill sessions per week for 9 schooling months, 278 primary school children directly involved weekly.

 3 community leagues at the end of every school term,

Community leagues every term

Children living with disability

The Jitambue – “it’s all about me” mentorship program is a sports for development program that targets school going children in both primary and secondary schools who shows some signs or behaviors that put them at risk of being serial absentees or drop out of school either due to substance abuse, poor academic performances, abuse at home and at school or in the community and also largely due to extreme poverty levels being experienced in our community.

The young leaders commonly referred to as the Game Changers from Amani Kibera are trained to deliver regular essential life skill sessions and teach important social topics through sports and play with the aim of helping the participants to discover who they are and empower them to embrace and adopt new positive behaviors. This is made possible through guidance and partnership with the organization, International Sports Alliance and Kite Oxford organization.

The sessions also engages the Green card philosophy, where unlike in football where the yellow and red cards are used to punish bad deeds, the Green card appreciates and rewards good deeds from the children and youth whenever they do positive things or things worth sharing they are given a Green card to motivate them and encourage positive behaviours.


To pursue a peaceful, healthy and active society, where each individual participates in order to assure the dignity and respect for human rights and the equal sustainable sharing of resources.


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