In 2010, a bus traveling from Busia to Nairobi was involved in an accident injuring several passengers, among them a lady called Eunice Atieno Adhiambo who suffered extensive leg injuries.
She spent four years visiting one hospital after another. By 2014, doctors announced that the leg couldn’t be saved.
She let them amputate the leg!
Recuperating at home, Eunice soon woke up to another grim reality. The husband she had pegged all hopes on, stood up, and casually walked out on her.
Leaving behind children she had conceived as she was seeking treatment. Her battered body was relying entirely on painkillers to numb excruciating pains.
Desperate, Eunice attempted to patch up the cracks in her marriage.
A brother-in-law she finally approached told her there were no cripples in their family. The statement tore deep into her ailing heart.
Eunice silently accepted her crippled condition then took charge of the prevailing situation.
But where to start?
Eunice wasted no time. Armed only with enhanced willpower, she strengthened her resolve and launched a small roadside business selling buns.
To improve on the meager earnings, Eunice took us through her strategy plan. Selling tomatoes, onions and assorted vegetables would take the business to the next level.
“I’ve identified a spot touching the new bypass road. I’m also making a steel ‘kibanda’ table.” She said.
“All I need now is the starting capital.” And her face lights up with expectations.
Asked how much it would cost to boost her business, Eunice confidently shares the estimates, item by item; all amounting to Kshs 6,100.00
Eunice Atieno Adhiambo, through sheer determination, is rising up above the ashes that has buried many in the same kind of situation.

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